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UV100-N UV LED Flashlight


The UV100-N  is a light weighted but powerful led hand lamp with 365 nm UV light. The UV intensity is up to 15,000µW/cm² and the covered area is 10 cm from 38 cm distance which is suitable for a lot of application. The body of the UV LED flashlight is made from corrosion-resistant and anodized aluminium with IP65 classification.


  • 365 nm UV light
  • Up to 15,000µW/cm² UV intensity
  • Covered area is 10 cm from 38 cm distance

UV LED light description

  • Powerful- integrated with the latest high power Nichia 365nm UV LED.
  • Instant-on operation- push the switch button and the flashlight immediately reaches full power.
  • Long use life- over 20,000-hour UV LED life, corrosion-resistant and anodized aluminium lamp body.
  • Portable– Small size, light weight, cordless and powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with 6 hours of    continuous inspection between charges. Use it anywhere.
  • Special filter glass- filters the visible light and increases the UV light transmittance, meets MIL and ASTM
  • specs for FPI and MPI.Excellent UV Light- 100mm diameter coverage area at 15 inches (38 cm), with a
  • maximum UV-A intensity of 15,000 μW/cm2 .
  • Charger with LCD- quickly charge and show the state of charge.

Technical details

Model. UV100-N
UV Intensity from 38cm 15,000µW/cm² (max)
UV-A Coverage Area from 38cm 10 cm Diameter (min 10,000µW/cm²)
Visible Light > 4.3 lux
Light Source 1 UV LED
Wavelength 365nm (± 5 nm)
Filter Antioxidant Black Light Filters
IP Grade IP65 (Dust and Water Jetting Proof)
Power Consumption 3 W
Power Supply Rechargeable 3.7V 3000mAh Li-ion Battery, 1 pcs-
Running Time Approximately 90 minutes
Charge Time Approximately 4hours
Battery Charger AC 100-240V; DC output 4.2V 1A
Lamp Handle Diameter 24mm
Lamp Head Diameter 46mm
Lamp Length 158mm
Weight (with battery) 235g