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UVS -30D3 fan cooling UV LED curing system – 50x30mm – 365-405nm – 2.5W/cm2


Price: 2190 EUR  (UVSS) or 1990 EUR (UVSE, UVSN, UVSZ).

UVS 30D-3 series is a fan-cooled UV LED curing system comes with 50x30mm irradiation area and 2.5W/cm2 UV intensity. The optional wavelengths include 365nm (UVSS), 385nm (UVSE), 395nm (UVSN) and 405nm (UVSZ). It is ideal for electronic assembly, medical device bonding, optics bonding, optoelectronics industry, and so on.

This UV LED Curing machine offers all the benefits of LED light-curing technology, including high-intensity, less energy consumption, instant on/off, and low curing temperature. Additionally, it is simple to operate and can be used as a stand-alone system or easily integrated into automated assembly systems.

  • Main application: UV glue curing
  • 365/385/395/405 nm LED wavelenght,
  • 2.5W/cm2 UV intensity,
  • 50 x 30 mm irradiation area,
  • Fan cooling

Standard set

  • 1 piece of UV LED Controller
  • 1 piece of UV LED Lamp
UVS 30D3 comparison table
LED wavelength:365nm385nm395nm405nm
UV intensity:2.5W/cm22.5W/cm2
Irradiation area:50x30mm50x30mm50x30mm50x30mm
Heat dissipation:Fan coolingFan coolingFan coolingFan cooling

Technical details

Controller Specification

UVS-30D3 - controller specification
Outline dimensions330(L)x140(W)x130(H) mm
Heat dissipationFan cooling
Material / WeightBlack sheet metal / About 6 kg
Set lockBuilt-in passwords
RS232 serial communicationParameters setting; On/Off control
Error warningOverheal warning;
Led fault warning
Power imput100-240V AC 50-60HZ
UV LED Driving1 UV LED lamp
Display / OperationTouch screen
External signal portsOn/Off control signal input;
Running status
Running time recordRecord the UV LED accumulated using time

UV LED Lamp Specification

UVS-30D3 - UV led lamp specification
Irradation area50×30 mm
Outline dimensions65(L)x65(W)x100(H) mm
Heat dissipationFan cooling
MaterialBlack metal
WeightAbout 1 kg
MonitoringRecognition; Temperature
Led wavelenghtUVSS: 365nm;
UVSE: 385nm;
UVSN: 395nm;
UVSZ: 405 nm
UV intensity2.5W/cm^2 @EIT
LED life20000H
Connecting table lenght2 meters

UVSE – 16D2, UVSN – 16D2, UVSS – 16D2, UVSZ – 16D2

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