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S3120-8K Pistol grip UV LED lamp


The S3120-8K is a 365 nm high intensity industrial UV LED lamp. The UV lamp is designed for use in hard industrial environments. The compact and ergonomic design and  high brightness makes it used widely . In addition to 365 nm UV light the lamp also has switchable white light. The UV lamp can be operated on both battery and AC adapter. With instant replacement batteries the UV lamp can be operated for any length of time because the batteries are not built-in.


  • 365 nm UV light
  • Up to 8,000µW/cm²
  • Covered area is 20 cm from 38 cm distance
  • Dual mode: batteries and AC adapter.

Technical details

Model No. S3120-8K
UV Intensity 8000 µW/cm² at 38cm
UV-A Coverage Area 20 cm Diameter at 38cm
Lamp Style Pistol Grip Lamp
Light Source UV LED – 3 pc
White LED – 1 pc
Wavelength 365 nm +- 5 nm
Power Consumption 9 W UV + 3 W White
Power Supply(1) Pluggable 100-230V AC Adapter
Power Supply(2) 2600mAh, 12.6V
Running Time(1) Adapter Powered: Continuously Running
Running Time(2) Battery Powered: Approximately 2-3 hours
Dimensions 157.5mm (W) * 76mm (D) * 177mm (H)
Weight(With Battery) 560g