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S-3WSL UV LED Flashlight (Spot)


The S-3WSL is a small size light weighted LED hand lamp with 365 nm UV spotlight. The UV intensity is up to 18,000µW/cm² and the covered area is 5 cm from 38 cm distance which is suitable for high intensity applications.


  • 365 nm UV light
  • Up to 18,000µW/cm²
  • Covered area is 5 cm from 38 cm distance


UV LED light description

  • Instant-on operation- push the switch button and the flashlight immediately reaches full power.
  • Long use life- over 10,000-hour UV LED life, corrosion-resistant and anodized aluminium lamp body.
  • Portable– Small size, light weight, cordless and powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with 6 hours of    continuous inspection between charges. Use it anywhere.
  • UV Light- 50mm diameter coverage area at 38 cm with a maximum UV-A intensity of 18,000 μW/cm2 .

Technical details

Model. S-3WSL
UV Intensity at 38cm (15 in): Spot light type: >18000uW/cm²
UV-A Coverage Area at 38cm (15 in): Spot light type (D)50mm
Peak Wavelength: 365nm (UVA)
Input Voltage for Battery Charger: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Power: 3W
Product Size: 47mm (D) *225mm (L)
Battery Type: 2pcs 26550 lithium battery,
3.7V*2, 3700mAh*2
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Running Time: 6-8 hours
Weight: 360g (with battery)