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PGS150A Pistol grip UV LED lamp


The PGS150A is powerful pistol grip LED lamp with 365 nm UV light. The UV intensity is up to 8,000µW/cm² and the covered area is 17 cm from 38 cm distance which is suitable for a lot of application. The optical glass lens ensures uniform UV light beam. Dual mode: could work with batteries and direcly from AC adapter.


  • 365 nm UV light
  • Up to 8,000µW/cm²
  • Covered area is 17 cm from 38 cm distance
  • Dual mode: batteries and AC adapter.


UV LED light description

  • 17cm diameter coverage area at 38cm, with a min UV intensity of 2,000 W/cm² .
  • Optical glass lens ensures the uniform UV light beam. Comparing to the plastic lens, it is almost no transmittance attenuation after long time use.
  • Two operating modes: hold the handle of Lamp for flexible inspection; fix the lamp via the screw holes at the tail of the handle for stationary inspection.
  • The heat generated from the LEDs is dissipated via a mechanical cooling system – no fans necessary!
  • Two power supply modes: rechargeable Li-ion battery; pluggable 100-240V AC adapter.

    Technical details

    Model No. PGS150A
    UV Intensity 8000 µW/cm² at 15 in (38cm)
    2600 µW/cm² at 25 in (65cm)
    UV-A Coverage Area 7 in (17 cm) Diameter at 15 in (38cm)
    10 in (26 cm) Diameter at 25 in (65cm)
    Visible Light 0.2 foot-candles (2.1 lux) at 15 in (38cm)
    0.06 foot-candles (0.6 lux) at 25 in (65cm)
    Lamp Style Pistol Grip Lamp
    Light Source 1 UV LED
    Wavelength 365nm
    Heat Dissipation Mechanical Cooling System (no fans)
    IP Grade IP65 (Dust and Water Jetting Proof)
    Power Consumption <10 W
    Power Supply(1) Pluggable 100-240V AC Adapter With 2M Cable
    Power Supply(2) Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh Li-ion Battery
    Running Time(1) Adapter Powered: Continuously Running
    Running Time(2) Battery Powered: Approximately 5 hours
    Charge Time Approximately 4.5 hours
    Battery Charger 100-240 VAC charger for use from an electrical outlet.
    Dimensions 155(L)x84(W)x200(H)mm
    Weight(Without Battery) Without Battery: 600 g
    Weight(With Battery) With Battery: 750 g