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Leak detection with UV light

Leak testing with UV tracers is a simple and cost-effective procedure. The process is very simple. Add or inject fluorescen dye into the inspected system, take time and use UV lamp to inspect for leak. A common feature of many oils, water-based, or other tracer materials and processes is that they fluoresce in UV light. The wavelength of UV light typically you can use in the leak detection is 365 nm. High-intensity lamps are also available to compensate for low-concentration tracers or small leaks. Although in everyday life a small lamp can be used quite well for this purpose. As with any procedure, here the devil lies in the details.  You can optimize leak testing well by using appropriate tracer and UV illumination.
In conclusion the fluorescent leakage testing can be widely used in mechanical systems e.g. air conditioners, engines, pumps.